Video: Little India in New York City

Come to Little India in Jackson Heights, Queens for authentic Southeast Asian cuisine and groceries, sari shops, and the best of Bollywood.

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Video: Obama calls for US-Muslim links

On the eve of Ramadan, US President Barack Obama has called for a new partnership between the US and Muslims around the world.

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The American Way of Life


Before you read this text, be sure you know what these words mean:
immigrant – except – foreigner – neighborhood – ethnic group – superficial – enjoy – event – ordinary – poor – abroad – hospitable

All Americans, except the Native Americans, are immigrants. Many Europeans came to the USA in the 1800s. They were supposed to become “Americans”, to mix together like in a melting pot.

Now the USA is seen as a pizza or a salad bowl. Immigrants have kept some of their old culture, even if they have become American. Most American cities have their Chinatowns, Italian quarters and black neighborhoods. There are different ethnic groups, but they are still American.

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Americans move a lot. They are not afraid of changes. This makes them seem superficial, but they are good at enjoying life here and now.

Freedom is important to Americans. The USA is often called the free-est country in the world. But they have more people in prison than any other western country, and many people are killed by guns every year.

To go to church in the USA is a social event, and congregations help people in need. Friends meet in church.

The American Dream is to start with nothing, work hard and end in success. But most people live ordinary lives, and some people are poor. Racism is also a problem.

Many people think that Hollywood is typically American. Most Americans don’t live like movie stars, but film stars are role models. Hollywood is in the west. “Going west” means to look for happiness. Americans feel that you can always change your life and make it better.

Americans like to travel in the USA, and many also go abroad. Americans love the USA! And they are very hospitable if you want to visit their country.