Facts: U2

Adam Clayton (bass), David Evans (The Edge, guitar), Paul Hewson (Bono, vocals) and Larry Mullen Jr (drums). All U2’s members are Irish.

First known as The Feedback, and then The Hype, the four musicians changed the group’s name to U2 in 1978. Their first singles went on sale in Ireland, but by the early 1980s the group was famous on both sides of the Atlantic. U2 is one of Ireland’s most profitable exports, and one of the most successful rock groups ever.

The music:
U2’s characteristic sound is based in rock but has elements of styles such as blues and electronic music as well. Their albums very often have political messages. Some of their best albums are Boy (1980), War (1983), The Joshua Tree (1987), Achtung Baby (1991) and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004).

Bono: Spokesman for the World's Poor


He has met many world leaders, such as the Pope and the Prime Minister of Britain. He has collected a lot of money to help the poor and hungry in the third world. He has worked for the environment.

He has demonstrated against nuclear weapons, and against the invasion of Iraq. He has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has asked leaders of rich countries to fight poverty, debt and sickness in Africa.

He is a member of one of the world’s most famous and successful rock groups. His name is Paul Hewson, but he is better known as Bono.

How did it all start?
Bono is the singer in the popular Irish group U2, which became famous in the 1980s. The group has a sound which is all their own. Albums like War, The Joshua Tree and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb contain great rock music with a political message.

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What made Bono start his work to help the poor?
One time a poor man in Ethiopia asked Bono to adopt his son to give him a better life. Bono had to say no, but he has never forgotten the man and his son. After this he decided to help poor people and to fight disease. 

Bono is sure that a lot of people are willing to do the same as him.

Shortcut activity
Who, what or how?

a) Who has Bono met?
b) What is Bono a member of?
c) What does Bono work with?
d) What made Bono start to help the poor?