Shortcut: Kaja at Anoka High

Kaja is Norwegian. She is going to stay in Minnesota for one year. She will go to Anoka High School. 
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Kaja has answered a questionnaire to find out what courses to take. She talks to a counselor about it.

Counselor: The questionnaire shows that you want to work with communication. I think you should consider Media Studies.

Kaja: Okay. But I don’t want to take Math and English.

Counselor: I’m sorry, but you have to. They are required courses.

They work out a schedule for Kaja. Each term is nine weeks. The counselor tells her Ms Nash is going to be her teacher.

Here is Kaja’s schedule: 

Media Studies 1Media Studies 1HistoryHistory
Physical EducationComputersMedia Studies 2Driver's Education
EnglishEnglishComputersMedia Studies 2

Shortcut activities:
a) Translate Kaja’s schedule.

b) True of false?
1. Kaja is American.
2. Kaja answers a questionnaire.
3. Kaja loves Math.
4. Kaja doesn’'t have to have Math the first term.
5. Kaja has to have Math the third and fourth term.
6. A term is nine months.
7. Ms Nash is Kaja's counselor.
8. Kaja is going to attend the health care course.
9. She is going to have Media Studies all four terms.
10. Kaja has four lessons every day.

c) Correct the false statements.