Shortcut: An Ear for the Past - an Eye for the Future (pp. 270-271)

In his spare time he plays traditional music, at school he is studying to become a journalist.
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The City of Galway is situated on the western coast of Ireland. It is Thursday afternoon and Youth of Europe are on our way to meet 16-year-old Sean O’Hara. When we find him, he is standing on the street with two others playing traditional music.

The young and the old
     – Welcome to Galway! Sean says. He then tells us that the instrument he is playing is called tin whistle.  He also tells us that playing traditional folk music is not something that makes him old-fashioned.
     – I suppose we Irish enjoy our folk music more than many other people, he says. – Even young people like myself. But of course, most young Irish listen to hip hop and rock.

A purpose in life
Like most European 16-year-olds, Sean goes to school. A year ago he chose journalism.
     – Journalism is really the thing for me. Lots of challenges. Lots of different tasks. Lots of exciting job opportunities.

The sweetest melody
Finally, we ask Sean if he has a special one in his life, a girlfriend, for example.
     – Well, she doesn't know yet that I'm interested in her. But yeah, there’s this girl called Shannon in the Art, Craft and Design class at my school …

Shortcut activity

These statements are false. Correct them!

  1. Galway is on the Eastern coast of Ireland.
  2. Sean is sketching portraits on the street.
  3. Most young Irish listen to traditional music.
  4. At school, Sean is doing journalism, but feels it was the wrong choice.
  5. Sean has a girlfriend.