Video: Teaching for the Future

A teacher gets feedback on her use of PowerPoint presentations in the classroom.

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A Twist in the Nail . . .

Video: The History Man

This programme explores techniques for teaching A-level history and advice on how to get students more actively involved.

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Teaching for the Future . . .

Video: Presentation Skills

Salina Kumbu teaches A-level language and literature at City and Islington College in north London. We see her successfully guide an AS-level language class through the grammatical structure of an Amnesty International article on torture, but she's not happy with her teaching style.

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Teaching for the Future - Presentation Skills . . .

Video: Top Ten On The Web - English and Media

Top Ten On The Web is a quickfire run down of the ten best websites for teaching English and media, as chosen by Chestnut Grove Secondary School in south London.

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Top Ten . . .



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