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Education programme for media and communication

If you choose this education programme you can become a photographer or media graphic printer and work, for example, with production of printed matter, web design, multimedia production, TV graphics design or design for digital communications. Other options include working with advertizing or illustration for a publishing company or advertizing agency.

In these industries you need good colour vision and creative abilities. You should also be able to communicate with others in writing and verbally, and you should also be interested in information technology.


Medier og kommunikasjon

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August in history


3 August 1963: The Great Train Robbery

The biggest robbery of all time


5 August 1966: A turning point for the Beatles

'Yellow Submarine' and 'Eleanor Rigby' appear on Revolver


29 August 2005: Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans

The worst natural disaster in modern US history


Summer bank holiday in the UK

The last Monday in August every year