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Education programme for media and communication

If you choose this education programme you can become a photographer or media graphic printer and work, for example, with production of printed matter, web design, multimedia production, TV graphics design or design for digital communications. Other options include working with advertizing or illustration for a publishing company or advertizing agency.

In these industries you need good colour vision and creative abilities. You should also be able to communicate with others in writing and verbally, and you should also be interested in information technology.


Medier og kommunikasjon

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March in history


2 March 1989: a provocative music video

Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' premieres on a Pepsi commercial


17 March: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated every year


21 March 1963: Alcatraz closes

Alcatraz was a prison with a special reputation


27 March 1863: an important date in car history

Sir Henry Royce, the car designer, is born


30 March 1867: The USA gets its 49th state

Alaska is bought from Russia